Decorating a Small Space

Small spaces are often my most favorite to design. In the market I am seeing a huge shift and trend in down sizing to make living easier and more simplistic. With that comes a challenge of how to maximize the space to still feel cozy comfy and still great for entertainment instead of tight, crowded and stuffy.
Here are a list of some tips and tricks to make small spaces feel as fabulous as large ones.
  • Keep within a lighter and more neutral color palette. You don’t want to highlight each and every nook in a small space. You want it to feel open, airy and cohesive.
  • Be mindful of how you use area rugs and the size you use. If you have a 10’ x10’ space and you add a 5’ x 7’ rug, suddenly your space will feel like it shrunk.
  • Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors. No I am not suggesting a mirrored wall. I am suggesting using mirrors strategically, especially in front of a window or door to reflect the natural light and make the space feel larger.
  • Acrylic and glass are everything in small spaces. Again I am not suggesting everything becomes acrylic. I am suggesting using it in key spots like an entry table, coffee table or bar stools. 
  • Use big furniture in small spaces. It is a myth that you can’t put larger pieces in small spaces. It is so much more visually appealing to have a normal sized sofa and/or chair than have several smaller pieces which will make the room smaller and look more cluttered and busy.
  • Hang a spectacular chandelier. It will become and awesome focal point and make an impact without using your valuable floor space.
  • In kitchens open kitchens can do wonders for small galley style kitchens. As long as you merchandise and accessorize it properly (I suggest white dish-ware) it can look stunning.